Major League Baseball

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Officially licensed Major League Baseball tie-in games. The highest level of professional US baseball.


Alternate names: National League Baseball, American League Baseball

The first video game about Major League Baseball was released in 1980.

Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo and Tengen has published most of these games

Major League has official trademarks and uses copyrighted materials and is corporately sponsored. They take efforts to ensure a game is official licensed before it can use their logos and marks. There should be no need for the noncanon tag. Note that a MLB licensed game can be ported to another platform and the port might not carry the MLB license.

MLBPA is the Major League Baseball Player's Association. Its a labor union for MLB players. As such, MLB and MLBPA are synonymous at UVL; unless or until we have a sufficient number of Baseball games set before 1953 that differentiate the group enough to warrant a split (or any UVL editor's are threatened with a baseball bat).
Of note, MBLPA was actually the 5th attempt to create a player's union for professional baseball. It was preceded by the Brotherhood of Professional Baseball Players (1885), Players' Protective Association (1900), Fraternity of Professional Baseball Players of America (1912), and National Baseball Players Association of the United States (1922). No baseball games are currently known that make note of these previous unions.


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