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Tools, vehicles, and whatever else have a possibility to malfunction under certain conditions, though usually only when they become too worn down.


Alternate names: Duds, Unreliable tools, Jamming

The first video game about Malfunctioning was released in 1992.

Gremlin Graphics, Full Control and Titan Computer has published most of these games

This is for things like getting clogged with dust, wet, getting worn down, simply poor reliability of the tool to begin with, etc. May either be simulated or random chance. Implies that the tool is still usable to some extend unlike with item durability which implies that the point it "malfunctions", it breaks does down completely.

Note that weapon jams are generally quite fast and easy to solve, unlike what you tend to see in popular media where a gun jamming makes it completely unusable, but that's the same media where guns tend to have infinite ammo.

Common examples:
* Weapon jamming
* Engine stalling

Uncommon examples:
* Dud explosives
Implied: (not enforceable)
* Item durability

* Repairing

Parent groups

Realism, Tool simulation, Vehicle simulation

Child groups

Stalling, HUD malfunctioning

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