Video game concept

Players can place markers in the gameworld that inform other players, mostly allies, of something.


Alternate names: Beacons
Name variations: Ping

The first video game about Markers was released on September 14, 2006.

THQ, and Valve has published most of these games

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In RTS games these are usually short-lived "pings", commonly limited to "attack" and "defend", but some may be more extensive.

If these are limited in form, they tend to rely on chat functionality for clarification when necessary, for example, it's difficult to warn allies of an artillery strike you're performing with only attack and defend signals in a vast battlefield (or with [voice] chat alone), so you likely use one of the markers followed by a short message informing of the specifics, so your allies can act accordingly, such as pulling back their forces from near the marker, possibly even pulling the enemy deeper into the fire zone as a result as they try chasing them back.

Commonly these are NOT visible to the opposing side.


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