Marketing Buzzwords

Culture concept

Confusing/Vague/Misleading terms designed to create a concept about the hardware and/or product even if the the term is actual and/or applicable.


Alternate names: Marketing Techno Babble, Marketing Concept Terms

The first video game about Marketing Buzzwords was released on October 29, 1988.

Sega and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

"Morphmation" was called a "technology" in Nintendo's ads. It really only refers to the unique graphic style of stretching, scaling, squashing sprites. Although the SuperFX2 chip was used to create these effects, the term itself is hardly tied to the chip since the effect can be duplicated on other hardware or even using software.

"Blast Processing" was used by Sega's marketing department in a vague reference to the Megadrive's comparatively fast (to the Super Nintendo for example) DMA controller. Of course any Megadrive game will use the DMA controller, but Sega specifically applied the term to 44 games that appeared to move graphics faster than other games (even when it had nothing to do with the DMA controller).