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A mammalish class of animals that do not have a placental sac in utero but instead carry their young in a separate pouch.


The first video game about Marsupials was released in 1991.

Electronic Arts has published all these games

The pouch is not the only oddity for this type of mammal. Their young develop a face and upper body strength very early in their development. This is required because while still an embryo, they must leave the uterus, climb into their mother's pouch, and find a nipple to attach too. Most of them have no kneecaps. Their left and right brain hemispheres cannot directly communicate with each other. Males usually have a two-pronged penises that are not use for urination. This corresponds to the female's two uteruses and vaginas that share one orifice.

A marsupial's pouch is completely soft tissue and no evidence of it remains in the fossils of marsupials. One might conclude from this that marsupials fossils could never be confirmed as an animal that had a pouch. But Science has solved this problem. If the fossil has 4 pairs of molars on each jaw, then it definitely had a pouch. Irrefutable logic, brilliant! Oh, except some marsupials don't even have pouches and still have 4 pairs of molars on each jaw. Note the Echidna's pouch (not a Marsupial) forms when needed for its young and goes away once the spiny bestie is evicted.