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Media: 3½ inch floppy diskComes on one or more 3½ inch magnetic floppy disks.1981 / 20151334 games
Media: 3 inch floppy diskComes on 1 or more 3 inch magnetic floppy disks. This format was only used for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum +3, Oric, early Amstrad PCW, & Tatung Einstein1983 / 1992275 games
Media: 5¼ inch floppy diskComes on one or more 5¼ inch magnetic floppy disks.1976 / 20171783 games
Media: 8 inch floppy diskComes on one or more 8 inch magnetic floppy disks.1976 / 198022 games
Media: Blu-rayComes on one or more Blu-ray discs.2006 / 20184 games
Media: cartridgeComes on a ROM cartridge.1978 / 2016758 games
Media: cassette tapeComes on a magnetic audio tape.1976 / 20181870 games
Media: CD-ROMComes on one or more CD-ROMs (Only for systems that allow more than one type of media).1984 / 20182161 games
Media: DownloadFull game legally distributed as digital download.1982 / 201913713 games
Media: DVD-ROMComes on one or more DVD-ROM discs.1997 / 2017372 games
Media: DVD-9 discComes on one or more dual-layer DVD discs.2002 / 200929 games
Media: Flash StorageComes on a flash storage device, such as a USB drive or an SD card.2002 / 201812 games
Media: HD-DVDComes on one or more HD-DVD discs.1 game
Media: PunchtapeComes on one or more punch tapes.7 games