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A way of introducing new players to a game by having mechanism(s) to allow other players to teach the newbies how to play, likely rewarding the mentor somehow for their time.


Alternate names: Coaching, Tutoring

The first video game about Mentoring was released in 2003.

Valve has published all these games

This is limited to multiplayer games for obvious reasons. Though technically it could also be implemented in a singleplayer-only game as well, it is unlikely they omit multiplayer if they bother to add mentoring (essentially depends on much of the multiplayer functionality to exist).

Note that multiplayer practice mode is not applicable in most cases.

Depending on the game, this may require the mentor has a decent amount of playtime and/or at least # level character to be even allowed to try it by the system.

This may allow players to pick who they mentor themselves or volunteer mentors are assigned students automatically when available.
* Tutorial
* Practice mode

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