Middle ages

Historical theme

All or part of the story is set in the Europeon historic period from the fall of Rome (late antiquity) to advent of Renaissance, roughly 4th to 15th century CE.


Alternate name: Dark ages

The first video game about Middle ages was released in 1982.

Paradox Interactive, Level 9 Computing and Interplay has published most of these games

* [url=/groups/info/medieval]Medieval[/u1346–53l]

Succeeded by:
* Early modern period

Preceded by:
* Late antiquity

Notable events:
* (overlaps late antiquity) Life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh, 570/571-??-?? to 632-06-08
* (overlaps late antiquity) Muslim conquests (فتح‎, Fataḥ) 632–732
* Beginning of the Islamic calendar, 622
* Crusades (1095 – 1291)
* The spead of The Black Death to all corners of the known world; reaching peek deadliness in Europe in 1346-1353.
Note that Renaissance was reached at different times around Europe which ranges from around 1453 to 1571 CE.
The Dark Ages are also the Early Middle Ages (approximately 476 to 1000 AD) and are a subset of the Middle Ages. Originally 'The Dark Ages' was a criticism of poor quality Latin literature of the time, and the relative lack thereof. Later it came to refer to the lack written history, building, and advances in academic and high culture within the time period. Recent history has revised the term again to mean that modern scholars know less about this time period (due to the aforementioned deficiencies in high culture). Ironically, while the upper-classes were slacking off, the lower-classes were advancing pop culture; since high culture was so darned expensive. Folk tales, fairy tales, riddles, staged entertainment, stage magic, dance, folk music, and other so called 'low culture' flourished without being recorded, except in memory to be passed on orally. Also, since so little is known for certain, authors are free to imagine a large variety of fictional material set in the era. Many videogames utilize this dull slate of history and the remnants of the entertainment that survived it. The Dark Ages are still expanding pop culture :)

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