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Player must traverse one or more minefields.


The first video game about Minefield was released in 1988.

Gremlin Graphics, Team17 and Ubisoft has published most of these games

Usually the player character can somehow disable the mines or detect them, but not always, yet they still must walk through one. In case no detection and early detonation methods are possible, passing the minefield may require metagaming - walking about the minefield and memorizing a safe route through, reloading the game each time you fail walk off such, until you have the safe route fully memorized or get through by sheer luck).
* Mines - in case player can place mines.


Windows 17
X360 7
PS3 5
Linux 3
Atari ST 1
Amstrad CPC 1
Mac OS X 1
C64 1
ZX Spectrum 1
Amiga 1

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