Multiplayer: Control

Video game concept

Includes one or more multiplayer modes where player or team wins by controlling all or most "victory points".


Alternate names: Domination, Conquest, King of the Hill

The first video game about Multiplayer: Control was released on March 14, 2006.

THQ, Electronic Arts and Midway Games has published most of these games

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There are several methods to reach a victory condition. First, the winning team must hold at least the majority of the control points if not all. Once that is satisfied, a victory countdown is started in one of the following ways:
* Regular timer, and if the losing team fails to turn the balance of control during this time, they lose.
* With each tick, the opposing team loses a point until they have none left. Points are not "refunded" in any manner at any point.
* With each tick, the losing team's points are transferred to the winning team. This makes it harder for the losing team to win since they have to keep control longer to reach the same state as the original winning team. But this can cause a game to drag on indefinitely unless they have also a time limit.

The points discussed here only affect single round, anything beyond that is the personal variation of each game.