Multiplayer: Capture the Flag

Video game concept

Includes capture the flag multiplayer mode where the winner is the player or team with most flags captured within a time limit or the first to reach certain capture count.


The first video game about Multiplayer: Capture the Flag was released on October 1977.

Mojang, Paradox Interactive and BITBOX has published most of these games

Despite the name, this is not limited to flags. It could be gold chest, secret documents, pie, movie and game collection, neighbour's wife, or anything else of perceived value, though usually limited to inanimate objects.

Involves both teams having a "flag" at their base, which is stolen by usually any member of the opposing team and carried back to their own base. Usually a point can be scored if their own flag is in the base too, so they need to restore their own flag before scoring a point. The flag is dropped on death of the carrier (and possibly under other circumstances) and either is teleported right back to base with that, or upon being touched by its owner, or needs to be carried back. In case it's dropped, the enemy team can usually pick it up again to continue carrying it to their base.