Multiplayer: Deathmatch

Video game concept

Includes a deathmatch or similar multiplayer mode where the winner is the player or team with most kills (and possibly least deaths) within a set time limit.


The first video game about Multiplayer: Deathmatch was released in 1989.

Activision, Valve and Ubisoft has published most of these games

Implied: FFA and/or teams

Least deaths is generally refers to deaths counting as negative points towards victory, such as each death being worth the same as a kill. So if there were two top players with KD (kills/deaths) scores of 3/2 and 5/5, the former will win despite having less kills (3-2=1, 5-5=0) just because they have fewer deaths.

If this does not include respawning or similar mechanic, causing players to have only one life, this game type turns into Last Man Standing. If this is 1v1 with no respawning, it's unspecificed versus mode. May involve rounds or similar, but usually doesn't.

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Multiplayer game modes


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