Multiplayer: Free for All

Video game concept

Includes any multiplayer mode which lacks teaming of any sort, where each player is against everyone else.


Alternate names: Teamless
Name variations: Free-for-all, FFA

Note that FFA is sometimes incorrectly used for any mode that does not have a specific goal (seemingly as a synonym for deathmatch or last man standing modes) rather than a mode where all players are against everyone else.
Contrast: teams

Implied: deathmatch, last man standing

The first Multiplayer: Free for All video game was released in 1980.

Blizzard Entertainment, Mode 7 Games and THQ published most of these games.

Parent group

Multiplayer game modes


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Linux 10
Mac OS X 10
Mac OS Classic 7
Nintendo DS 3
Apple II E 2
C64 1
Android 1
Atari 400/800 1
Internet Only 1
TRS-80 1
ZX Spectrum 1

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