Multiplayer game modes

Video game concept

Non-game mode variants: bots, teams, crossplatform

Parent group

Multiplayer: One-on-OneIncludes any multiplaeyer mode where one player is against one player with no option of more players regardless of options, map choice, etc.2 games
Multiplayer: AssassinationOnly one player (possibly per team) is valid target, the others don't count for being defeated. The other players' duty is to protect the VIP of their own team while targeting that of the enemy team.2001 / 20144 games
Multiplayer: AssaultIncludes a multiplayer mode where one team defends something and another team tries to attack it, either to destroy or capture.1999 / 201737 games
Multiplayer: AsymmetricIncludes one or more asymmetric multiplayer modes, where one team of players is equipped significantly differently than the other, that don't have a more specific tag available.1977 / 201736 games
Multiplayer: CampaignIncludes any multiplayer campaign or story mode.1985 / 2019242 games
Multiplayer: ControlIncludes one or more multiplayer modes where player or team wins by controlling all or most "victory points".2000 / 201793 games
Multiplayer: CooperativeContains any form of co-operative multiplayer where all human players work towards a common goal.1974 / 20211577 games
Multiplayer: Capture the FlagIncludes capture the flag multiplayer mode where the winner is the player or team with most flags captured within a time limit or the first to reach certain capture count.1977 / 2016104 games
Multiplayer: DeathmatchIncludes a deathmatch or similar multiplayer mode where the winner is the player or team with most kills (and possibly least deaths) within a set time limit.1989 / 2020317 games
Multiplayer: EscapeIncludes a multiplayer mode where players or one team of players is trying to reach an exit, evacuation site or similar while AI or other player controlled team tries to prevent this.2001 / 201313 games
Multiplayer: Free for AllIncludes any multiplayer mode which lacks teaming of any sort, where each player is against everyone else.1980 / 201770 games
Multiplayer: Gun GameA multiplayer mode where scoring (e.g. killing other players) gradualy improves the player's weapon, usually by swapping it to a more powerful one.2000 / 201531 games
Multiplayer: HordeIncludes any form of survival-style multiplayer mode where players are expected to survive a series of challenges, usually in form of several waves of AI controlled enemies to win.2009 / 201620 games
Multiplayer: InfectionIncludes a variant of tag where one player is selected at start of a round and they must hunt down the rest of the players. Tagged players join the hunter's side. Usually with either time limit or requirement for either team to be eliminated.2007 / 201211 games
Multiplayer: JuggernautIncludes a multiplayer mode where one player is alone against everyone else, usually selected at random at match start. Commonly armed with some gimmick that makes them capable of outperforming the others in most 1v1 situations.2002 / 201411 games
Multiplayer: Last Man StandingIncludes a multiplayer mode where the winner is the player who is the last one alive or the team with the only surviving players. There is no respawning during a match, or it is severely limited per player or per team.1995 / 2017126 games
Multiplayer: SurvivalIncludes a multiplayer mode where the players or one team of players tries to survive for as long as possible. No victory condition exists.2005 / 201443 games
Multplayer: TagIncludes a multiplayer mode that resembles some variation of game of tag.1977 / 20167 games
Multiplayer: UndefinedIncludes one or more multiplayer mode that is either unique or too vague for definition.1997 / 201864 games
Multiplayer: VersusIncludes any non-cooperative multiplayer mode that does NOT have any more specific tag for it.1975 / 2019544 games