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Bethesda Softworks, Ubisoft and Bumblebear Games has published most of these games

Cross-world charactersSame character can be played with on multiple worlds/servers without losing the things they take from the others. Likely goes unexplained in-mythos.1996 / 201646 games
Player count adjusted difficultyDifficulty automatically changes with the number of players in game.1991 / 201948 games
Two multitaps2 multitaps, instead of just one, for adding even more players.1998 / 19992 games
HostingAny tags relating to hosting multiplayer games or related concepts.container group
JagLink multiplayer adaptorGenerally an official JagLink cable links 2 units for head-to-head play. Modified cables can be daisy-chained together for connecting up to 256 units1994 / 20024 games
Joyport Multiplayer adaptorAdds a 2nd gameport to Apple ][ computers with only 1. This allows 2 joysticks, or another set of paddles for up to 4 players.1981 / 19833 games
Massively Multiplayer Online GameMultiplayer games that are capable of supporting hundreds or thousands players simultaneously.1986 / 2019705 games
Team BrawlerA multiplayer action game genre that started out with Dota and Aeon of Strife, but has expanded beyond their definitions. Usually involves two small very character oriented teams fighting against each other, often with RPG style leveling.1998 / 201866 games
Multiplayer: AsynchronousUses any asynchronous multiplayer model other than play-by-email.2013 / 20198 games
Multiplayer: Battle RoyaleA variant of last man standing mode where players start in random locations in large map and have to scavenge for weapons and other gear while fighting off other players. Winner is the last player alive or last squad alive.2016 / 202117 games
Multiplayer: Bombing RunA variant of capture the flag mode where the flag (or bomb or such) is in neutral territory and needs to be delivered to the enemy base or similar, instead of being taken from enemy base and brought to ally base.2002 / 20145 games
Multiplayer: BotsIncludes AI controlled bots as drop-in replacements for missing human players.1993 / 201774 games
Multiplayer: Cross add-onAllows playing multiplayer games across expansions, so players with expansions can play with people who don't have them without any additional work (such as no need to start the game with expansions disabled) nor notable detriments to expansion owners.2004 / 201623 games
Multiplayer: Cross-platformAllows playing multiplayer games with players on different platforms, allowing players to join together regardless of the platform they own.1990 / 2021399 games
Multiplayer: Custom communication portAllows setting custom port for accepting incoming connections. Usually only needed by the person hosting a game, but can occasionally be needed by others as well.2008 / 20155 games
Multiplayer: Demo compatibilityOwners of the full game can play with those who have only the demo version, with some more or less obvious limitations.2 games
Multiplayer: Drop-inAdditional players can join in at (almost) any time.1993 / 2018114 games
Multiplayer: Forced balancePeriodically automatically forces team balance by re-arranging players across the teams according to Elo, KDA, or other statistic(s).1 game
Multiplayer game modescontainer group
Incomplete multiplayer informationIs known to have multiplayer but lacks details on it.1 game
Multiplayer: LeaguesMultiplayer is split into leagues. Usually for the purpose of splitting ranked multiplayer community into segments of roughly equal skill with some kind of gating to higher and lower leagues.2009 / 20154 games
Multiplayer: Looking for GroupIncludes an inbuilt feature to look for other people to play with outside of matchmaking.2009 / 201512 games
Multiplayer: MatchmakingOffers matchmaking service for multiplayer, finding opponents of presumably equal skill level when available so both/all players have equal chance of winning.2006 / 201782 games
Multiplayer: MixedAllows playing with a mixture of multiplayer options simultaneously, such as LAN/internet together with local shared/split screen.1996 / 20149 games
Multiple players must use multiple copies of the game.1 game
Multiplayer: No duplicate charactersDisallows multiple people from using the same character/class.1997 / 201521 games
Multiplayer: No private gamesInternet multiplayer games can't be locked with password, limited to invite only, or some other restriction that prevents the general public from randomly joining in.0 game
Multiplayer: No rejoinIf player loses connectivity, they can not rejoin a game session. Likely includes loss by default condition as well if this happens.1 game
No multiplayer savesDespite including campaign/story, other cooperative multiplayer mode or simply the default modes take significant amount of time, there's no way to save game progress.2007 / 201213 games
Multiplayer: PassiveEven in singleplayer games, the player is actually participating in the multiplayer experience, and more involved multiplayer experiences may form on their own without any notable transitioning (e.g. no explicit connect to other player's game command2012 / 20183 games
Multiplayer: PauseableMultiplayer games can be paused.2002 / 201919 games
Multiplayer: PrivateHas one or more options of private games, such as password lock, friends only, group/clan only, etc.2011 / 201923 games
Ranked multiplayer2009 / 201725 games
Multiplayer: RejoinAllows people to rejoin a multiplayer session after being dropped out due to connection failure, game crash, or anything else.2006 / 201738 games
Multiplayer savesMultiplayer game progress can be saved.2006 / 20145 games
Multiple players can share a single copy of the game.2000 / 20105 games
Multiplayer: TeamsIncludes at least one multiplayer mode playable with teams of two or more human players.1973 / 2017402 games
Multiplayer: VersusIncludes any non-cooperative multiplayer mode that does NOT have any more specific tag for it.1975 / 2019545 games
Multiplayer instancesGames which use "dungeon instances". Private copies of areas dedicated for single player, group or several groups to battle out some scenario without outside interference.2004 / 201327 games
MUDText-based role-playing, simulation and/or action games that can usually be played with any telnet compatible client.1987 / 201631 games
Generic multitap adapterGames using a multitap to add controller ports. Specific adapters also get their own tags for systems using more than 1 type of incompatible multitaps1988 / 2016146 games
Player versus playerMultiplayer games where players face against other players.1996 / 2019214 games
Player vs. Player vs. EnvironmentPlayers simultaneously engage against other players and AI controlled opponents. Mostly of note in non-racing/sports games.2003 / 201837 games
World versus WorldIncludes any kind of WvW mode, a type of player versus player mode where players of one server or shard compete with players of another.1 game