Music genre: Chiptune

Music concept

A music genre that emulates the sound of 8 bit music from older platforms (or is actually for them).


Alternate name: 8 bit

The first video game about Music genre: Chiptune was released in 1995.

Polytron, Diabolical Mind and ELECTROLYTE has published most of these games

Note that this tag is meaningless on 8 bit platforms and those that are limited to 8 bit sound and therefore should not be used on them. 16 bit sound is used even in modern 64 bit desktops and possibly even on consoles with higher bit count, 24 bits may be used in some places but usually is barely noticeable improvement over 16 bits.

Parent groups

Music genres, Retro


Linux 35
Windows 8
Mac OS X 5
Pandora 2
X360 2
PS Vita 2
PS4 1
Amiga 1
3DS 1
Flash 1
PS3 1

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