Music genres

Music concept

Music genre: Ambient2005 / 201516 games
Music genre: ChiptuneA music genre that emulates the sound of 8 bit music from older platforms (or is actually for them).1995 / 201759 games
Music Genre: Country/Western1 game
Music genre: Drum & Bass1 game
Music genre: Electronic dance musicVariety of genres derived from electronic music for dancing.1998 / 201611 games
Music genre: Electronic2009 / 201712 games
Music genre: FunkFeatures funk music.1993 / 20193 games
Music genre: Hip hopFeatures hip hop music or any of its sug-genres, such as rap.1993 / 201920 games
Music genre: Industrial1 game
Music genre: Jazz1996 / 20196 games
Music genre: MetalRock music spin-off. Usually loud, emphasizes bass/beat, heavily amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, & or aggressively voiced lyrics. Generally aggressive themes overall.1993 / 201723 games
Music genre: Orchestral1997 / 201810 games
Music genre: RockUsually has a 4/4 beat measure, a verse-chorus structure, & emphasizes the sound of interments (commonly electric guitar) slightly more then lyrics.1993 / 201724 games
Music genre: Swing3 games
Music genre: Vocal2006 / 20185 games
Music genre: World2003 / 20154 games