Myth magnet

Other (objects, etc.) theme

The protagonist is a perplexing magnet for mythical things, often gaining a large number of legendary or mythic artefacts over the course of the game.


The first video game about Myth magnet was released on December 21, 1998.

Beamdog , Graphic Simulations and Arrowhead Game Studios has published most of these games

In D&D terms, this would be: Hand of Vecna, Staff of Elminster, Drizzt's scimitars, Mordenkaiser's nailclipper, Bigby's left boot, etc. somehow wounding their way to the protagonist's hands.

Usually easy to recognize if the items are named and likely even easier if they include any amount of fluff, as this usually names some mythic/legendary owner or creator for them.

Especially notable if these are gained as part of the main plot, slightly less so for gaining them from side quests or similar along the way, not so much if these are secrets or other exceptionally hard to acquire pieces (e.g. easter eggs). A very blatant case would be that these are random drops.