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Features nāga - humanoids with lower body of a snake, often with multiple pairs of arms - or nāga-like creatures.


Alternate names: Nagas, Gorgons, Medusa, Lamia

The first video game about Nāga was released in 1986.

Blizzard Entertainment, Microprose and THQ has published most of these games

Gorgon is a very vague title for a chthonic monster, often utterly unrelated to Nagas in appearance, but in popular depictions follows the Naga principles. Medusa was the name of one of the gorgons, but the name at some point became ubiquitous with the monster type. The Greek Naga-like gorgons are popularly depicted as wielding bows and have only one pair of arms. Gorgons are thus included in this tag only by extension of their modern popular depictions, not what they actually are and therefore should not be considered as part of the definition of this tag, only an aid for finding it. The original Greek gorgons were closer to hags than nagas in appearance. Lamia was a Greek queen reputed for having serpent's tail and therefore being in appearance similar to gorgons though much less monstrous, as such Lamia is used as name for relatively beautiful varieties of nagas and their kin in fiction (some may encounter the name Lamian Naga used instead of plain Lamia).

In other depictions unrelated to the Greek, Nagas have a tendency to have two or three pairs of arms each wielding a scimitar or similar sword, especially true for Indian varieties.

There's also some overlap with the snake hair of Medusa and Nagas' general appearance with all Nagas/gorgons having such. It is of some minor note that Medusa of Greek mythology had two sisters (Stheno and Euryale) who shared her monstrous appearance yet they're rarely mentioned.

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Greco-Roman mythology, Indian mythology, Legendary creatures, Mixed creatures

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