Natural versus Natural conflict

Other (objects, etc.) theme

A non-classic narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face.


Alternate name: Nature versus Nature

The first video game about Natural versus Natural conflict was released in 1982.

Parker Brothers and Microdeal has published most of these games

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The classic conflicts:
[[gametag:entityventity Entity Verses Entity conflict (Man verses Man)]]
[[gametag:entityvnatural Entity Verses Natural Order conflict (Man verses Nature / Man verses Physics / Man verses Logic / Man verses Emotion / Man verses Addiction)]]
[[gametag:entityvsupernatural Entity Verses Supernatural Entity conflict (Man verses supernatural / Man verses Fanciful / Man verses Alien]]
[[gametag:entityvself Entity verses Self conflict (man vs self / man verses his own limits)]]
[[gametag:entityvinvention Entity Verses Invention conflict(Man verses Machine / Man verses Idea)]]
Less usual conflicts:
[[gametag:naturalvinvention Natural verses Invention conflict (Nature vs Machine)]]
[[gametag:naturalvnatural Natural verses Natural conflict (Nature vs Nature)]]
[[gametag:inventionvinvention Invention verses Invention conflict (Machine vs Machine)]]
[[gametag:supernatualvsupernatual Supernatural Entity Verses Supernatural Entity conflict (Fanciful verses Fanciful)]]
[[gametag:supernatualvnatural Supernatural Entity Verses Natural conflict (Supernatural vs Nature / Fanciful vs Nature)]]

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The Classic Conflicts


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