Video game concept

Player is required to fulfil nonspecific needs of their characters or others, usually several clearly defined ones, such as food, healthcare, entertainment, luxury items, security (e.g. law enforcement), education, waste handling, etc.

Reus (Windows)
WIN 2013-05-16
Spacebase DF-9 (Windows)
WIN 2014-10-27
Black & White 2 (Windows)
WIN 2005-10
Anno 1701 (Windows)
WIN 2006-10-30
Dungeons (Windows)
WIN 2011-02-10
Anno 2070 (Windows)
WIN 2011-11-17
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (PlayStation 2)
PS2 2003-03-25
Dwarf Fortress (Windows)
WIN 2006-08-08
Cities XL 2011 (Windows)
WIN 2010-10-15
Unholy Heights (Windows)
WIN 2013-08-16
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (Xbox)
XBOX 2003-03-26
Democracy 3 (Windows)
WIN 2013-10-14

The first video game about Needs was released in 1999.

Kalypso Media Digital, Electronic Arts and Focus Home Interactive has published most of these games

Commonly part of construction & management (e.g. theme park) and city building games, though also life simulation often includes this.

More or less commonly includes...
* Food (hunger & thirst)
* Comfort & luxury (shelter/housing)
* Entertainment
* Health (health services)
* Sanitation
* Education
* Employment