NES Classic

Hardware entity

ARM CPU+GPU based HDMI computer running Linux. Housed in a miniature NES style case. It emulates 30 built-in NES games & has 2 wiimote accessory ports


Alternate name: Classic NES Mini

The Japanese version (Classic Famicom Min) has 8 different games than the North America (NES Classic) and PAL versions (Classic NES Mini). Region exclusive games are noted with the tag. Each has 30 games total. The Japanese version has attached controls (like the original Famicom). The North America and PAL versions have two controller ports that are the same ones in Wii controllers. The unit comes with two classic style controllers that will also work with Wii games (meant for Virtual Console NES/Famicom games played on the Wii or Wii-U). The Wii Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro will work on the NES Classic

The first NES Classic video game was released on July 15, 1983.

Nintendo, Konami and Tecmo published most of these games.


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