No crosshair

Video game concept

There's no targeting crosshair on the HUD.


Alternate name: No targeting reticle

The first video game about No crosshair was released on August 31, 1996.

Tripwire Interactive, Nintendo and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

This does NOT include iron sights, scopes, laser sights and such that actually exist naturally - except for laser sight they don't help when aiming from hip.

This is for cases where the crosshair isn't even optional. Can be added to games where the crosshair is only present in easiest difficulty but not on any other. Games where the crosshair is missing only on hardest difficulty not so much.

Obviously should only be used in games where normally you DO see a crosshair (=shooters).
* Dynamic accuracy - may be hard to tell without the crosshair, but still possible.
* Aim mode - this is commonly achieved with use of iron sights in 1st person shooters.

* Independent aim - unlikely to occur without crosshair.

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Aiming, Head-up display, Immersion, Realism


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