No health display

Video game concept

Does not show any health value or other numeric, textual or graphical element that directly correlates to health.


The first video game about No health display was released in 2005.

Deep Silver, Vlambeer and Activision has published most of these games

This does not cover audio or visuals that correspond to health status, such as increased pulse, distorted vision (vision turning red). Only things that seem to exist solely for the purpose of displaying health in an artificial manner (such as the age old numeric or bar health display).

Although one can consider the amount of visual distortion, especially the amount of vision turning red, to cover the "directly correlates to health" bit, it is not.

Note that this covers also numeric, textual or other audio cues that state a very statistical kind of health such as "health at 40%". Textual refers to the "mildly injured", "seriously wounded", etc. texts.

This should NOT be used in combination with instant death tag as there's hardly any point.

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Head-up display, Immersion


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