Other (objects, etc.) concept

Player is given options to choose from but same thing happens regardless of what the choice was, even when this is a series of choices.


Alternate name: False choices

The first video game about Non-choices was released on August 2001.

Nintendo and War Balloon Games has published most of these games

See also: misleading choices (when some of the choices lead to something else than advertised)

Not for simply exhausting dialog options, but actual choices that should by all reason lead to something else (type 1), or the game purposefully makes all options be just variations of each other (type 2).

Type 1 example:
Question: "Are you in league with out hated enemy, the X?"
Answer 1: "No, we don't even know who they are." → Response: "Lies, you will die!"
Answer 2: "Yes." → Response: "You will die!"
Answer 3: "Who are X?" → Response: "... Our spies report you've been helping them, you will die now."

Type 2 example:
Question: "Will you help me with X?"
Answer 1: "Sure."
Answer 2: "Of course."
Answer 3: "Nothing makes me happier."

There's a third type seen in Stick of Truth where the other options are grayed out.