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Known or claimed to have been finished with sufficient information to indicate so, but for some reason was not published in any manner. May have been influential or reworked into another game, and may yet to be published anyway.

For now, do not add never released games that are not avaialbe in prototype/beta/playable form. This tag is for existing game entries.

Sometimes these are fan published on the same media as the original system. For the purposes of UVL this will count as the original publishing (do not apply the notpublished tag). Simply offering a free ROM download however, does not (even if official). Apply the notpublished tag for these cases. But, if the game is officially and professional repackaged for modern media, including download for, for play on the original system (not an emulator), this does count as the first publishing (do not apply the notpublished tag).

Not published games may include:
  • Games are in fact published. Perhaps obscurely in a smaller market where they went unnoticed in 'main stream' markets. It may also be a release in only one major market leaving it currently unknown to people within the others. Once discovered, the notpublished tag should be removed.
  • Games found in prototype form.. They are playable or at least someone can gather information from the prototype/beta.
  • Games in fact exist in prototype form.. But is not yet found. Sometimes they are known to have been created but subsequently lost.
  • Screenshots. Use of low quality screenshots is only acceptable if no better image is known to exist or is otherwise unobtainable. Please indicate this in the image description.
  • Game relations. The game, regardless of its published status, may have been influential to it programmer(s) of it and other games were re/designed because of it. Other programmers, even from other companies might also have been influenced by it. It may have been retooled into another game, even one for a another platform.
  • Non-game influences. May have bankrupted a company or triggered a lawsuit, even if it effected no other games directly.
  • Authors. The programmer(s) who worked on the game might be known.
  • tags and/or descriptions. Unpublished games, can be definitely described in detail including features and/or hardware. Like Hellraiser for instance. Related to the description, the programmer(s) might have alot to say about unpublished games.
  • Other details. The multiplayer features, tie-in license, genre, perspective, and/or, display, might be known. Most definitely the system.

The first Not Published video game was released in 1981.

Hi-Tech Expressions, Interplay and Expose published most of these games.

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