NPC behaviour

Creatures theme

Any tags that describe NPC behaviour or activity rather than the creatures themselves.

Alternate names: Creature behaviour
Name variations: NPC behavior, creature behavior

See also: NPC mechanics
Enemy concessionOpponents or enemies have the option of surrendering or conceding.1985 / 201411 games
Mitotic creaturesIncludes creatures that split, either by themselves or when attacked or killed. The split counterparts may continue this same process indefinitely.1989 / 201323 games
NPC anxietySimulates anxiety and fear on NPCs to some degree.1994 / 201326 games
NPC armingNPCs pick up weapons and use them if they think they're more useful than what they currently have (e.g. picking up a firearm when they only have a cudgel).2011 / 20124 games
NPC deflectionSome or all NPCs deflect attacks either actively or passively, either back at the one who attacked them or somewhere around them and possibly causing others to be hit.2010 / 201212 games
NPC disarmingNPCs can somehow disarm the protagonist and others.2010 / 20147 games
NPC dodgingNPCs, especially those opposing the player, may attempt dodging or otherwise evading their attacks.1996 / 20072 games
NPC fleeingUnder certain circumstances some or all enemy NPCs will try to flee from the player character. Usually not including wild animals or similar that can be expected to do so regardless of anything, especially not if this is limited to them.1995 / 201619 games
NPC grenade evasionNPCs try to avoid live grenades or other explosives when they can.2005 / 20168 games
NPC group tacticsNPCs cooperate with each other to a degree.2001 / 201716 games
NPC resource harvestingNPCs harvest same resources you do.1982 / 20157 games
NPC healingNPCs, mainly those opposing the player character, use skills, items or some other methods to restore their own and possibly their allies health when they see the need rise for it.1995 / 201826 games
NPC hidingAfter spotting the player(s), NPCs try to hide from them, possibly with the intent to ambush him/her or simply to avoid being targeted intentionally or not.2004 / 201113 games
NPC last known position behaviorNPCs behavior is partially dictated by last known positions of certain things, such as where they last saw the protagonist or an enemy. Possibly firing blindly into brush with presumed enemy is or going to scout it out long after the enemy has departed.2009 / 201528 games
NPC lootingNPCs loot and pillage much like the player does, taking items where they see them and think them useful.2001 / 201416 games
NPC reloadingNPCs need to reload their weapons as much as the player does, giving somewhat predictable pauses in their firing other than random stops as well as visible/audible feedback of it.2012 / 20155 games
NPC shoppingNPCs shop on their own for things they think they need.1 game
NPC strifeNPCs do not target the player as if she was the only thing worth killing in the whole world. Your enemies fight against each other when it makes sense to do so.1993 / 2019230 games
NPC suppressive fireNPCs employ suppressive fire tactics, firing in an area (even if they know they're guaranteed to not hit anyone) where they know or suspect enemies to be in to deny them chance to relocate or return fire.2009 / 20145 games
NPC target leadingNPCs use one of the most basic "smart" aiming methods whereby they lead the thing they want to shoot at, so if they continue in their current direction at current speed, they'll have assured hit. However, it is not required they always use this.1998 / 20167 games
NPC teleportingIncludes NPCs capable of teleporting at will.1992 / 201525 games
NPC wandering1 game
Predictable NPCsNon-player characters behaviour is perfectly predictable, due to a predefined pattern or to known rules.1980 / 201442 games
Splitting creaturesIncludes creatures that release one or more creatures other than clones of themselves upon death.1997 / 201748 games
Stealing NPCsIncludes characters, creatures or some such that snatch something directly from the player characters and try to make a run for it.1991 / 201737 games