NPC inventory

Video game concept

NPCs have in their inventory exactly what you saw on them and saw them use and possibly some smaller items in addition.


The first video game about NPC inventory was released on November 8, 1995.

Bethesda Softworks, 1C Company and JoWood Productions has published most of these games

* Corpse looting
* This gives the effect that you can strip your slain foes of their armor, weapons, garments and anything else while the removed items reflects on what you see in-game as well and not just their loot/inventory screens.
* This also implies that the mobs don't have random item drops.
* Has the nice side-effect that any equipped items also can be seen on your own character as well, so customizing your appearance is simple.
* They also don't have infinite supply of ammo like in most games because of this. This is unreliable tho as many games forgo tracking ammo for the enemy because of limitations of the AI coding (can't cope with being out of ammo).

* Should NOT be used if this is limited to the weapon they carry.