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Contains one or more instances of nudity of any degree, though generally of female breasts or genitalia of either gender, sexually intended or not.


The first video game about Nudity was released in 1986.

Hewson, Infogrames and Sekai Project has published most of these games

For now, do NOT combine with porn games as it is redundant.

Bare midriff, shoulders, arms, legs, etc. generally seen in the public areas of any beach or public/outdoor baths should not be used for this tag. Use separate tags to cover cases that might be seen "inappropriately" lacking in dress up due to cultural or religious belief. Such alternate tag should be used in cases where the western concept of nudity would not apply.

Note that nude statues and similar are applicable as well, as they are hardly any different from the other characters or drawn images with nudity.
It is assumed that erotic & porn games (that should be tagged with porn) have nudity, so this tag is redundant in those cases. Please note that nudity in and of itself does not automatically equate to porn by many people's definition. Also, note that nudity in and of itself does equate to porn by many people's definition. Most legal definitions say it is porn if "If it is intended for sexual stimulation".
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Featureless nudity, Nudism, Nudity: Inhuman

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