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A large humanoid monster.


Alternate name: Oni

The first video game about Ogres was released in 1975.

Blizzard, Almost Human Games and SSI has published most of these games

In some cases they may be large enough to be giant humanoids. In the west ogres tend to be obese and quite dimwitted natural "monsters" while in the east they're about equal to humans in terms of intelligence and often magical in nature.

Some thing that set European ogres apart from giants:
The tend to have very large heads. Non-human proportions.
The may have hair in places humans tend not to have it. Including parts of their hands and face.
A taste for human babies as well as ogre babies and perhaps children or adults. Whereas giants usually target adults and perhaps children of other species than their own.
They have an in-human skin tone. Green, Blue, Red, Orange to name a few.

The name Ogre (and f. Ogress) is French. The French word originates with Orcus, a god of the underworld. The name may also be related to biblical Og (the last pure giant, Goliath was only part giant) or the Greek river god Oiagros.
The name is not related to the Greek word orge (vengeful anger).

Japanese Oni are essentially ogres but much more magically inclined, closer to the other spirits (Yōkai) there.

Parent groups

Anglo-Saxon mythology, Humanoids, Japanese mythology, Legendary creatures


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