Old skool security

Video game concept

Security that can be circumvented by observing a pattern and following it, regardless if this is actually a security system.


Name variations: old school security

The first video game about Old skool security was released on July 25, 1998.

Team17 Software, Microsoft Game Studios and Valve has published most of these games

Commonly this exists in a form of a laser grid, or some other grid of dangerous or outright fatal things that "fail" in a pattern (regardless if this failing is intentional or not). The grid can be in motion, require acrobatics and so forth. Also includes many things that exist as in-built traps.

Mostly of interest in games that presumably should've outgrown these.

Also, the old skool refers to old video games, not real security systems.

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Game-like elements, Unrealism

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Visible LASERs, Old skool surveillance

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