Old skool surveillance

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Surveillance system that clearly leaves holes in what they're surveying. Often with security cameras that show their view cones and move about in predictable patterns that leave holes through which the player can slip by.


Alternate name: Visibly flawed surveillance

The first video game about Old skool surveillance was released on August 11, 1999.

Square Enix, Recoil Games and 2K Games has published most of these games

Cameras constantly turn, emit sound to signal what they're doing (different beep when they stop, detect something, resume normal operation, etc.), show a clear light cone or beam where they look, and so forth.

Includes also floodlights that follow a clear pattern and no-one using those floodlights ever thinks to deviate from it (or even notice anyone right between two floodlights).

Real surveillance cameras would not make any noise, not where they're surveying at least, and most don't even turn (ever; anyone with even wee bit of sense would rather place multiple cameras where each camera is also covered by one of the others so any attempts at tampering would be detected than having one that tries to see everywhere).

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