One of many

Other (objects, etc.) theme

The protagonist is one of many on a single side, whether or not the others actually manage to do anything useful.


The first video game about One of many was released on November 15, 2001.

Activision, Activision Blizzard and Microsoft Games has published most of these games

* The protagonist may occasionally get separated from the rest, either on purpose or some other reason, but most of the game is spent surrounded by others.
* Usually this is to give a sense of immersion for characters that are just basic grunts or similar, or otherwise make it seem less like you're a one man army.
* Unlike group or companion tags, this does not indicate any level of control over the others, or the others following your lead.
* Occasionally the protagonist is actually an "elite" or similar (explaining the occasional on-purpose solo jobs), but still lacks any authorship over the lesser folks.

Application to non-violent games currently unknown.
* Companion
* Group
* Leader participation

* Singled out - a fact that breaks the immersion that the other characters try to give

* Group
* Army of One
* Temporary companions