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The first video game about OpenVMS operating system was released in 1993.

Proprietary multiuser virtual-memory-based. Can be distributed across multiple systems & drives & continue operating should any of them fail. Source code is available for separate purchase under a strict commercial license which does not resemble any non-proprietary license (its not OpenSource nor is it Free/Libre Software). For the hobbyist market, there is a 7 day waiting period to be approved for a $30 package with apps and tools included with the binary and source license. Later this package was available for $0. Commercial customers must pay considerably more. The general public (and UVL editors) can telnet and/or ssh into a VAX/VMS system via (user:luther pass:luther).
OpenVMS is not a UNIX-like OS and most closely resembles the range of operating systems offered by DEC. However, like Windows, it can be configured to be POSIX and UNIX compatible. It features a Common Language Environment implementation. Basically, its 'source code agnostic'. It is written mostly in BLISS, VAX Macro and C. But also includes Ada, PL/I, Fortran, and BASIC. The CLE layer allows any particular app to be spread across several languages as well. A developer can call a COBOL function and run a C subroutine from BASIC.
Initial public/commercial release was 1977-10-27,
Official support by the current owner, HP, ceased June 2013. It remains proprietary.

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