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North America's Marsupial. More teeth than any land mammal. Prehensile rear feet & tail. Virtual snake immunity. Fakes death brilliantly. & its tasty.


The first video game about Opossums was released on January 21, 2009.

Electronic Arts has published all these games

North American opossums should not be confused with Australian possums

Adult opossums can support their own weight using their prehensile tail. It is a climbing aid or used to carry nesting materials.

The opossum can fake its death very well. When triggered by a threat, it will secret a rotten-flesh-like stench from its anal glands, contort into a death pose, and expose its teeth looking as if its lips have rotted away. In this state, every part of its body is totally stiff as if in rigor mortis and it has 0 response to any stimuli. A predator might even carry it away.