Organized crime

Other (objects, etc.) theme


Alternate names: Criminal organizations, Criminal syndicates

The first video game about Organized crime was released on December 1990.

Bethesda Softworks, THQ and Rockstar Games has published most of these games

Thieves Guilds usually aren't much more than handy sources of protection, places for trading stolen goods or gathering information with little sense of organization beyond a ragtag group of ruffians who share some resources such as hideouts, so, they shouldn't usually be considered for this. Small gangs of highwaymen shouldn't be considered it either.

Popular examples: (real world)
* Italian Mafia (actually Sicilian, a.k.a. Cosa Nostra)
* Chinese Triads
* Japanese Yakuza

Popular examples: (fictional)
* Thieves' Guild
* Assassins' Guild
* Gangsters