Creatures entity

Beings from other dimensions, realities, or such where even the laws of nature may be alien.


Alternate names: Extradimensional beings, Extradimensional creatures

The first video game about Outsiders was released on July 15, 1997.

Electronic Arts has published all these games

Related: (technically sub-groups)
* Demons, Angels - should normally be treated as separate of this tag

* Bizarre creatures
* Extraterrestrial creatures
* From another world / Outsider protagonist
* Space aliens
Unlike regular aliens, these may lack anything common with normal space aliens as they do not need to adhere to something grown in a world governed by laws of nature. Lack of internal organs, bizarre physiology (especially on that makes little sense), lack of needs found in "normal" beings, alien concepts and priorities, and so forth.

Generally this should NOT be used for demons and angels as they're a very specific and extremely common kind. Undead shouldn't be covered by this either, even if it somehow would make sense (in Legacy of Kain series this would make some sense, for example, mostly with Raziel, though).

These shouldn't be tagged with aliens either, as that is more for the space alien kind.