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Defeating opponents can be overdone and is rewarded with some more spectacular death/defeat sequence than normal. Often results only in gibbing of the subjects, or turning them into explosions of gore, even when such makes no sense.


The first video game about Overkill was released in 1994.

Bethesda Softworks, Devolver Digital and Valve has published most of these games

See also: finishing moves
This does not apply if the game defaults to these (rather, consider tagging the game as over the top or something similar). This also does not refer to your capacity to using way more firepower than necessary for the deed, since if the enemies die the same from nuclear warhead as they die from a punch, it's hardly fitting even if the tool was right.

Commonly involves characters exploding into gibs or otherwise dying in a manner that is way more than expected.

In terms of implementation, the simplest method likely involves going below certain level of negative health with the last attack or last attacks in the final 0.2 seconds or so.