Other (objects, etc.) concept

Certain projectiles can pass through multiple targets.


Alternate names: Penetrating projectiles, Piercing projectiles

The first video game about Overpenetration was released in 1990.

Square Enix, Tripwire Interactive and Devolver Digital has published most of these games

This does not include penetrating the level geometry (see `wall penetrators´ for that).

For the semantic, overpenetration is actually a misnomer since full penetration of the target is desired for full effect, but in video games and fiction it is often seen as a major improvement to the gun's deadliness in crowds and requires additional computation beyond first target, so this is not often done in them. Thus overpenetration is perhaps better called optimal rather than over penetration.
* Projectile physics
* Sweeping strikes - when penetration is with melee weapons or similar
* Wall penetrators

* Rifles (sniper rifles specifically)
* Crossbows
* Spearguns


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