Over the top

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Frequently overdoes the drama, action, or anything else to a point where what happens is ludicrous.


Alternate names: Outrageous, Overdramatic
Name variations: over-the-top

The first video game about Over the top was released on January 28, 2003.

Capcom, THQ and Konami has published most of these games

Usually seen in action games where the story, voice acting, etc. are mediocre at best, possibly even on purpose, but tries to draw all of its appeal from whatever outrageous nonsense is going on. Comparable to exploitation films, B-movies, or such.

Likely employs artistic license with everything. Likely also covers many games that were made intentionally bad in certain aspects.

This tag is mostly to cover corner cases that can't be properly categorized as nonsense, surreal, comedy, or such and are just simply oozing with cheesyness and ridiculousness that it can't be anything but intentionally done so.