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Mostly nocturnal (or crepuscular), solitary, stealthy birds that hunt mostly small mammals. Eyes & ears fixed forward.Owl are commonly thought of as wise


The first video game about Owls was released in 1984.

Datasoft, Electronic Arts and Nintendo has published most of these games

Fictional owls are often depicted with glasses. Glasses being a symbol of wisdom. Fittingly, owls are farsighted and would actually need glasses in order to read, if they could learn how. Also fitting is that fact that owls really are a source of knowledge. The undigested parts of their prey (bones, scales, hair/fur, claws/fingernails) are regurgitated in pellets. Their prey is swallowed whole. The parts are still recognizable. Thus a great deal about the local biodiversity can be gleaned by examining owl pellets.

A few species of owl are active during the day and some species form groups when needed. Since owls are sneaky, can't read, and don't get along with each other, groups of them are called a parliament (seriously)