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Officially packaged with or built-in to the consoles or the operating systems.


Alternate name: Bundled with system

The first video game about Pack-in was released in 1972.

Magnavox, Microsoft and Nintendo has published most of these games

Not for games that come bundled with add-on hardware or peripherals. These should be tagged with bundle. 3rd party bundles don't count. For computers, games packaged with the operating system by permission if the company that created the OS, count for packin. But games packaged with computer hardware (pre-installed games) do not count unless the hardware is unique and manufactured by a company who authorized the packaged. For instance, South Coast provides games that are pre-installed on Dell hardware. This does not count because Dell is not the originator of Windows or the PC platform, and the package is not available for computer hardware sold by another company besides Dell. and they are not partnered with Microsoft or IBM to package games in these systems.


Odyssey 17
OS/2 15
X360 9
Mobile 6
NeXT 5
R-Zone 5
GB 5
Xbox 5
Master System 5
Mega Drive 4
Atari 400/800 4
Windows 4
Mac OS Classic 4
PS3 4
WonderSwan 4
GameKing 3
custom 3
Amstrad CPC 3
Linux 3
Unix 3
Fairchild Ch. F 2
HP-41 2
Mega-CD 2
TRS-80 2
Win3.1 2
Pico 2
Android 2
WonderSwan Color 2

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