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Player encounters people who are branded pagans, old faith worshippers, or similar.


Alternate name: Old faith believers

The first video game about Pagans was released on November 30, 1998.

Eidos has published all these games

Commonly these pagans worship some old gods or such.

Note that the word pagan itself simply means a disbeliever or someone who worships false gods. In some interpretations the word specifically refers to non-Biblical religions, but we should ignore this. This tag is to be used regardless if the gods are false. Should not be used in the capacity of simply disbelieving (try agnostics/atheists for that).

Should not be used when the pagan nature of the characters is only marginally covered, such as a line in the game's manual or a passing note during game.

Also should not be used when two seemingly equally dominant religions are in question, or you're looking at a polytheistic religion where some worship one of the less popular deities.


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