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Features any kind of parasitic lifeforms, especially non-microscopic kind.


The first video game about Parasites was released on March 1990.

Valve, Sega and Sierra has published most of these games

Most often these are the kind that take full control of the host, mostly because it works better for dramatic effect. It also usually gives easily recognizable foe and makes humans seem less of monsters. Often these are coupled with morally questionable people who want to use them, and the lengths they take to make sure it happens balances it back to humans.

In nature, parasites are never this nefarious, though they may either themselves produce or excite the host to produce some chemicals that may increase a certain type of behaviour, but this is unlikely at the level where people lose completely control of themselves (except in cases that had trouble controlling themselves to begin with).

The word parasite implies that the organism is the sole benefactor of the "union". So symbiotic organisms (the kind that benefit both) are not included by this, no matter how ugly they may look.


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