Culture entity

Aerosmith1994 / 19966 games
Alfonso AzpiriBased on the creations of Alfonso Azpiri, a Spanish erotic/adult comic book artist.1989 / 199014 games
Arnold Schwarzenegger1988 / 200344 games
Sir Arthur Charles ClarkeBased on the creations of Arthur C. Clarke, a famous British science fiction author.1972 / 20086 games
Britney Spears3 games
Daley Thompson1984 / 198913 games
David LivingstoneInspired by David Livingstone and his exploration of central Africa.1986 / 199115 games
Fidel Alejandro Castro RuzWorlds 2nd most famous revolutionary. The only leader to ever make communisum work. He toppled the Batista dictatorship & ruled Cuba for over 50 years1 game (1 characters)
Freeman DysonIncludes theoretical concepts invented by Freeman Dyson.1 game
Go NagaiBased on Go Nagai's movies or mangas.1984 / 200316 games
Hayao MiyazakiBased on Hayao Miyazaki's movies or mangas.1984 / 20057 games
H. R. GigerBased on H. R. Giger's artworks1991 / 199710 games
Jules VerneBased on or inspired by the works of Jules Verne, a French adventure fiction author who envisioned things not feasible in his times (sci-fi).1978 / 200530 games
Masamune ShirowBased on Masamune Shirow's (士郎 正宗) movies or mangas.1991 / 200810 games
Michael JacksonAmerican celebrity, singer, musician, pop dancer, and inventor.1989 / 201122 games (1 characters)
Mikhail Sergeyevich GorbachevAn economist, agricultural economist, Nobel laureate, reformer, and once Soviet statesman of Russian-Ukrainian heritage.1 game
Mr.TFeatures Mr. T, a popular 80s toughguy personality. Known for wearing copious amounts of gold, a mohawk hairdo and growling 'I pity the Fool.'1982 / 201916 games
Oda NobunagaSomehow deals with the feudal Japanese warlord, Oda Nobunaga.1994 / 20064 games (1 characters)
Osamu TezukaBased on Osamu Tezuka movies or mangas.1987 / 200912 games
Peter Shilton1986 / 19874 games
Rumiko TakahashiBased on Rumiko Takahashi's movies or mangas.1982 / 200750 games
Sued by Tim LangdellGames that have suffered due to legal threats from Tim Langdell (CEO and founder of Edge Games), usually involving his claims of trademark ownership for anything with the word "Edge" in it.1995 / 201625 games
Tom ClancyBased on creations of Tom Clancy or sold with license to use his name.1987 / 2019133 games
Tony HawkGames branded with Tony Hawk's name, a professional American skateboarder and actor.1999 / 201566 games
Jack TramielDelayed or cancelled by Jack Tramiel. Jack Tramiel purchased Atari on July 3, 1984 and set about reforming it into a computer-only company. Games and game systems were put on hold.1982 / 199115 games