Perspective flip

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Either the same game or another in a series shows how things look from the side of the "bad guys", often making them appear not as bad as you had previously assumed or given to understand.


The first video game about Perspective flip was released in 1986.

LucasArts, Atlus and ASCII has published most of these games

For example, consider the Star Wars series and how it is Jedi and the Rebel Alliance focused, any games from the Empire or Sith side would count.

This can happen even within single game, though then overlaps with multiple perspectives. Though multiple perspectives does not imply this in turn (you can have multiple perspectives from people on the same side).

This is NOT simply about the evil side which is less common. If the previous games were on the "evil" side, and the new game is from the "good" side, then the new game is the actual perspective flip and not the former ones.


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