Physical gods

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Some or all gods' natural form in the setting is physical (and likely mortal), much like other non-supernatural beings of the world.


Alternate name: Mortal gods

The first video game about Physical gods was released on June 1993.

Capcom has published all these games

Similar to incarnated divine beings, but unlike that tag, the physical state is natural for them and not something out of the ordinary. However, this does not mean they're necessarily flesh and blood like animals, such as they could exist in form of a tree, or a floating crystalline entity, or such.

Does not mean that they lack some metaphysical form (soul, spirit, or whatever), just that it exists in the same way it exists for humans and such.

Does not cover "lesser" divine entities, such as angels or demons, as they're extremely commonly encountered as physical entities regardless of their original form. The very reason we have a tag for instances that deviate from this (demon spirits).