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Informal group for finding platformer sub-genres.


Name variations: jump and run

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Parent group

Action RunnerA genre similar to Endless Runners but rather is split into (presumably handmade instead of randomly generated) levels with specific challenges and with an actual end somewhere along the line.1986 / 201612 games
Cinematic platformerDistinct from typical platform games in that they focus on fluid, life-like movements, without the exaggerated physics found in other platform games.1989 / 2018105 games
Comical ActionAn action/platformer genre characterized by single-screen levels (no scrolling) and cooperative 2-player action. A level is usually cleared when all enemies on the screen have been defeated (who usually drop random score bonus items).1983 / 201479 games
Endless RunnerAn auto-scrolling platformer characterized by simple controls - usually just one or two buttons - and randomly generated levels.1983 / 201750 games
Hop and bopA platformer genre characterized by jumping on the heads of your enemies being the primary (and possibly the only) method of disposing of them.1984 / 2018152 games
MetroidvaniaAction-adventure or action-platformer sub-genre with a lot of backtracking, a superficial sense of exploration to find locations to which you later gain access to via new abilities, tools, or such.1984 / 2019319 games
Platform HellA variety of platformers that are utterly unfair, requiring memorizing every little detail of the game to beat them as anything you see or don't see can't be trusted to be what they appear or don't appear to be.2008 / 20114 games
Precision platformerA platformer genre where the focus is extreme precision in movement, either player fails competely (needs to restart the level/game) from tiniest failings, get horrible score for it, or such.1984 / 201925 games
Puzzle platformer1985 / 2019168 games
Turn-based platformerA platformer sub-genre where the platforming activity runs in turns rather than real-time.2013 / 20153 games
Vertical platformerA platforming sub-genre where player traverses mainly vertically up or down, often scaling a tower or similar.1984 / 201467 games