Platformer elements

Game genre concept

Any tags that describe game elements originally found in platformers only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.

Deadly decorLocations are riddled with deadly decor that hurts or instantly kills the player character if bumped with. Usually inexplicable spikes found at floors, walls, and ceilings. Especially when their presence makes no sense.1985 / 2018223 games
Disappearing platformsFeatures floor or other platforms that disappear and possibly re-appear for one reason or other (commonly from being stepped on).1983 / 2017197 games
Drop platformsPlatforms that support characters on them, but can be passed through when wanted (dropping down or jumping up through them).1984 / 201668 games
Invisible platformsPlatforms that normally are normally undetectable. Some may become visible under certain circumstances and others may even be intangible unless something is done to or near them.1998 / 201824 games
Jumping1979 / 20191579 games
Jump padsObjects, surfaces or merely areas that bounce the player and possibly other objects and characters off them forcibly high in the air, often used to reach otherwise inaccessible locations.1982 / 2016104 games
Lethal objectsObjects that collide with the player character, environment or enemies and do a fair bit of damage, possibly even killing anyone they collide with. Commonly encountered as large boulders rolling down a hill.1981 / 201694 games
Moving platformsFeatures inexplicable platforms - that either float or are attached to some background machinery - which move up and down, left and right, and the player is required to jump from one to the other.1984 / 2018236 games
Rotating platformsIncludes platforms that rotate somehow, either by themselves or with applied force. Often the rotating either forces timing or it must be otherwise taken into actual use, especially in games involving physics.2009 / 201317 games
Stepping stonesAny sparsely spaced footing, regardless if they're actually stones, that player usually jumps from one to the other while aiming their jumps carefully.2008 / 201421 games