Platform reference

Other (objects, etc.) concept

One or more of the game's titles (redundantly) references, directly or indirectly, the platform they're for. Not including fan titles.


Alternate name: Platform allusion

The first video game about Platform reference was released in 1978.

Nintendo, Sega and Konami has published most of these games

Some parts of the titles need to be ignored for this since they're not really part of the game name, such as SIMPLE DS series.


Nintendo DS 116
N64 91
C64 32
Win3.1 32
Wii 30
Mac OS Classic 26
Tandy Coco 26
3DS 24
OS/2 20
Linux 18
Amstrad CPC 18
Oric 14
Atari 400/800 11
Atari 2600 10
Mega Drive 8
Atari ST 8
Neo-Geo 6
Amiga 5
Windows 4
Wii U 4
PS Vita 4
Thomson 3
Super A'Can 2
WonderSwan 2
Unix 2
WonderSwan Color 2
TI99 2
Sharp X1 1

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